Graphic Design


For the next few years in my life, I worked with several magazines. I was working as an independent contractor, I was having a wonderful time creating so many different looks and layouts. I was also making enough money to buy a car, a home, etc… However, I soon realized that I was only really asking for more and more work, and I was not putting any real effort into watching my finances, I did have an over abundant amount of work, but I also had a lot of people that owed me money, and I was seeing that money coming in.

Therefor I had to learn, that with each one of my clients, I would not allow their invoices to get above a certain rate with being paid, that could be anywhere from $150 to $1,000 depending on the client. This is just a healthy way of doing business. I know that as a graphic designers, sometimes we still think of ourselves as artists, and we are so in love with what we are doing or creating that the money end of business can slip through our minds until the landlord knocks on the door.

As a designer, or an artist move forward with passion and zest!