Graphic Design


For the next few years in my life, I worked with several magazines. I was working as an independent contractor, I was having a wonderful time creating so many different looks and layouts. I was also making enough money to buy a car, a home, etc… However, I soon realized that I was only really asking for more and more work, and I was not putting any real effort into watching my finances, I did have an over abundant amount of work, but I also had a lot of people that owed me money, and I was seeing that money coming in.

Therefor I had to learn, that with each one of my clients, I would not allow their invoices to get above a certain rate with being paid, that could be anywhere from $150 to $1,000 depending on the client. This is just a healthy way of doing business. I know that as a graphic designers, sometimes we still think of ourselves as artists, and we are so in love with what we are doing or creating that the money end of business can slip through our minds until the landlord knocks on the door.

As a designer, or an artist move forward with passion and zest!

Art (Heart or Destiny?)


When I became a teenager I began to draw with colored pencils, creating many sketches such as the one above. In high school I was not very good at math or science, and I was given more art classes in place of math. When recruiters came to inspire students to go to college, I new that I wanted to go into art, being an artist, however I also wanted to go into something with computers. Believing that the future was in computers, I felt that I would have to go to a technology college. With my dilemma regarding colleges, my mother pointed out that there were colleges geared towards art and computers called graphic design. 

This was the beginning of my career in graphic design, I went to college and earned a degree. Continuing on with a job creating VHS (before DVD) labels and boxes, and moving on to magazines later on. As my career continued to move forward, I believed that this was my destiny, however I also began to think that I was losing my skills or talent at drawing or painting, as I found myself becoming more and more dependent on the computer. Through this dependency I started to become sad, if not a little angry or depressed, which caused me to become resentful with my graphic design work. I took 2 years off, becoming more involved with outdoor life, at which time I found myself sketching and painting again.

Which made my heart sing with joy. Following my heart I wanted to bring the artist that I am forward, following my destiny is allowing that art to be expressed in many forms, whether on canvas, through photography or on the computer.

Always An Artist

As long as I can remember, I have been a artist. I believe that my mother was my inspiration in the beginning. She was always creating something new, sewing, painting or drawing. Her imagination was sprinkled onto all of us, and we grew up dreaming of limitless possibilities.

My mother sat me down next her when I was very small, and she would give me a paint brush and canvas, and tell me that I was an artist and that I could create anything. Therefor its of no surprise that my life journey has taken me on a wonderful path of inspiration. Art, for the Love, Joy and Creation of it.Image